Although the main thrust of many  Alzheimer's Disease research establishments around the world has been to find new medicinal treatments for the condition, it has become clear especially over the last decade that certain lifestyle choices have a very significant impact on our risk for Alzheimer's Disease. In particular, we now know that diet, physical exercise and the use of our brains in mental tasks all alter our risk for the disease. In some cases these factors have a very  dramatic that on whether we will develop the disease in a specific time frame or not. In addition, we know that certain medical conditions adversely  impact our risk for the disease and controlling these conditions reduces or removes that increased risk. Dr. Michael Mullan at the Roskamp Institute has therefore partnered with Nicci Kobritz who has been providing quality home health care in the Sarasota area for many years to form a new company, Sci-Brain, specifically to deliver the benefits of our knowledge to residents of Sarasota and surrounding areas. Sci-Brain has developed a proprietary method to assess an individual's risk for developing Alzheimer's Disease or related disorders. The risk evaluation is based on lifestyle factors which are modifiable and are known to correlate with lower risk if they are changed. The Sci-Brain program therefore offers a way to lower risk for Alzheimer's Disease and related disorders by empowering individuals with the knowledge they need to change their lifestyle choices.



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